The science of transformation

For a more authentic "raison d'être"

The theory of singularity is a scientific discovery that brings strategic and management consulting and coaching a major step forward. It is the science of transformation that allows organizations and individuals to define their authentic raison d'être. Singularity is at the heart of our research and of our advisory assignments. We also offer singularity theory training.

« Our singularity platform : As our human dimension is the field of self-transcendence, we help our clients get a clearer consciousness of their deep motivations through a bold deciphering, revealing a universal source for change that permeates the future with impact and provides singularity for progress. »

Patrick Mathieu

Our discovery :
the theory of singularity

The singularity of a company, of an organization or of a person answers to a law based on the notion of invariant. It contrasts with the identity, which evolves over time. In the our theory, each entity – individual or organizational - belongs to one of the six singularity cores combining three energies (sovereign, warrior, producer) on three levels (why, how, what). This discovery is the signature of our research laboratory. The singularity of organizations and people helps strategic consulting enter a more spiritual dimension , allowing companies and their leaders to better steer their long term destiny.

A unique ecosystem in full expansion

With our network of researchers and consultants

Research about the theory of singularity and its operational applications mobilizes a variety of expertise, belonging to different fields : academics, independent experts, researchers, historians, semiologists, designers, consultants, trainers, coaches. For each project, we set up ad hoc task forces with our partners to provide the most suitable response to the needs of our clients. Some of them make up our permanent team. Others are close partners. We thank them for their commitment. Discover their profiles.

From our research laboratory

PhD theses and scientific publications regarding singularity

For 20 years our research about the theory of singularity has produced numerous discoveries. The 6 singularity cores, the success scenarios, the BRAAVO evolutionary model, the simulations, the vocabulary of singularity and the singularity platforms based on collective intelligence, etc. This work has been the subject of three theses, in management and semiotics, and scientific publications, of interventions in research symposia as well as numerous conferences. We invite you to discover them.

Singularity from theory to practice

Applications of our research for a better world

Our consultancy missions meet the needs of leaders regarding the “raison d'être” of their company, their long-term vision, corporate culture, brand platforms, and their needs for breakthrough innovation and impact strategies. We build our diagnosis through the prism of the theory of singularity. We use collective intelligence to create the ”singularity platform" of the company, the central tool of our analyzes and recommendations. The revelation of the singularity generates a perception of the company’s purpose at a higher level. It strengthens the commitment of all employees and generates significant economic and financial results and a higher positive impact in society.

« The "raison d'être” (...) is a way to align all the men and women who make up the enterprise with a shared project. It defines the company’s identity and simultaneously gives everyone a plumb-line that can help even a large organization to transform without getting itself lost. »

Pascal Demurger, CEO of MAIF insurance

« Now my company knows we can do great things effortlessly, and I can understand what its internal triggers and mechanisms are, as if it were a living organism. (...) We have a lot to learn from what never changes. »

Stéphane Monceaux, COO of Spie Batignolles

« I have been at once intimately convinced that PMS was on another dimension and another level of consciousness, another level of business positioning and thinking. And I had found that they had seen things with deep insight. »

Bruno Maisonnier, Founder & CEO of Aldebaran Robotics

« The singularity is sowing its seeds in the project, in our way of thinking… we see the singularity everywhere! It’s quite surprising, and the examples are flourishing at an unexpected speed. It surprises everyone. We start to breathe the stuff, it's super nice. »

Jean-François Garin, CEO of GGVie (Groupama)

Client testimonials

An approach built on the theory of singularity opens up new perspectives for the company about itself. It helps the enterprise rethink its “raison d'être”, its societal impact on society, from a broader standpoint, at deeper level, with enhanced authenticity and spirituality. This generates more commitment and increased sustainability. Our customers and partners keep have experienced it. Some of them have agreed to share their perceptions, we are deeply grateful.

They have trusted us :

Our next training sessions :

22 et 23 septembre 2022 – Terragora (85) : 

La Machine à Whyager

29 et 30 septembre 2022 – Terragora (85) : 

La Machine à Whyager

29 et 30 septembre 2022 – Terragora (85) : 

La Machine à Whyager

How to train about the
theory of singularity?

Our certifying training program cycle on the singularity cores

patrickmathieu singularité is an approved training organization. We train consultants, academics, coaches, strategic planners, artists, researchers, to the founding concepts of singularity. Our cycle begins with a 2-days initiation training session. It delivers an overview study tour of the 6 singularity cores and a first approach to self discovery and environment decoding thanks to powerful decryption keys. These two days can be followed by a certification period lasting over 9 months, around a research paper and additional individual training days.

Our next training sessions :

22 et 23 septembre 2022 – Terragora (85) : 

La Machine à Whyager

29 et 30 septembre 2022 – Terragora (85) : 

La Machine à Whyager

29 et 30 septembre 2022 – Terragora (85) : 

La Machine à Whyager

Singularity : the live experience

Images, music and experiences in free access for all

We invite you to discover and experience the singularity under different forms. Listen to music playlists in a way you have never experienced. Discover the works of great visual artists in each of the 6 singularity cores. Deepen your knowledge thanks to multiple examples of music from different singularity cores. Enjoy the pages we have created on Pinterest, or go to to our special 6tunes music site, especially crafted for you. These experiences are available for free, without registration or subscription.




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