The ecosystème of the theory of singularity

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Patrick Mathieu

CEO and researcher

Patrick Mathieu is the founder of Patrickmathieu Singularity, created end of 1999. He steers the research activity and manages the main management boards consultancy missions, in coordination with his team and our partners

Eric Gautier, Ph.D

Researcher and consultant

Eric Gautier is an engineer and former top business executive. Author of a thesis on Singularity and management in 2018, he contributes to the company's scientific publications and participates in advisory missions.

Laure Saffre

Secretary General

Laure Saffre manages patrickmathieu singularity, integrating human resources, finance & accounting, and legal activities.

Cyrille Cerceau

Experiential Designer & Co-founder of Réaliz Le Nouveau Monde Lab

Cyrille Cerceau participates in the outreach of singularity and contributes through design, to materialize the singularity of people and organizations to trigger a sense of commitment.

Loïc Grill

Researcher and junior consultant

Loïc is currently starting a PhD thesis about singularization processes in contemporary French litterature at University of Lyon with Pr. Pierluigi Basso, semiologist and specialist of language studies. He is a key resource in the research organisation of patrickmathieu singularity.

Valérie Jaouen


Consultante senior, engagée dans la transformation de la société et des organisations, Valérie est expérimentée dans la mise en œuvre de la singularité.

Bernard Garnier de Labareyre

Trainer, consultant, coach

Bernard Garnier de Labareyre puts his consulting and coaching expertise in art, management with his international professional background at the service of Singularity in consultancy missions.

Sylvie de Guillebon


Consultante et passionnée de l’humain, Sylvie contribue à l’organisation des projets de conseil et à la préparation des analyses expertes avec les noyaux de singularité.

Hélène Mallet

Research assistant

Hélène Mallet contributes to PMS research work, as well as to consulting missions relating to singularity platforms.

Catherine Voynnet-Fourboul

Senior lecturer, authorized to direct research, director of the CIFFOP Executive Master

Catherine Voynnet-Fourboul supervised the thesis of Eric Gautier defended at the Panthéon-Assas Paris 2 University. Within the Management and Spirituality Lab which she co-directs, she integrates work on singularity and invites Patrick Mathieu to teach at CIFFOP.

Franck Jaén

Author, screenwriter, storyteller

Franck Jaén engages in a number of client projects. He is with Patrick Mathieu the author of a fiction bound to become a TV series and a novel, entitled "Hapax » and whose theme relates to the singularity and the evolution of mankind.

Audrey Guizol

Manifesto design and semiography - Empathie Design

Audrey Guizol brings her talent as a graphic designer to design visual forms of representation of the singularity of people.

Jean Watin-Augouard

Historien des entreprises/marques, vocatiologue

Jean Watin-Augouard contribue à rechercher les pépites de singularité qui constellent le parcours des marques, empreintes des hommes, pour en dégager le sens profond dans la durée.

José Braga

Professor of paleo-anthropology at Toulouse III University

Professor of Universities and specialist in human evolution, José Braga leads a CNRS team (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and places singularity at the heart of the interactions between the behavior and the biology of species.

Veronica Manlow

Professor at Brooklyn College - City University of New York

Veronica teaches luxury marketing. She organized with patrickmathieu singularity "micro-internships" allowing students to explore the singularity of emerging luxury and streetwear brands such as Supreme, Off-White or Bape. She invited Patrick Mathieu and his son Jean-Baptiste to teach in April 2019 et 2021.

Odilon Cabat

Semiologist, author

Odilon Cabat takes part in in-depth reflections on methodological research, and acts as an expert on the subjects of certain clients.

Daniel Bô

CEO of QualiQuanti, Brand Content specialist

Daniel Bô brings his expertise to reflect on brand editorial strategies according to their singularity. He identifies the singularity cores via online studies and forms communities.