State-of-the-art of research about the theory of singularity

PhD theses and scientific publications

The authentic “raison d’être”

Publication as a management book of Eric Gautier's thesis on the revelation of singularity — 15/03/2020

To communicate the "raison d'être" of the organization requires a search for meaning. This book describes an innovative model aimed at any leader, manager, entrepreneur wishing to access the definition of the profound vocation of his business. It entails many managerial consequences: pride in belonging, self-esteem, empowerment, inclusion, eco-responsibility.

« Gain access to the profound vocation of one’s business with many managerial consequences »

Design and singularity

Identification of the role of singularity in the construction of forms — 18/07/2019

Brand design objects, which are their material embodiments, all have a singularity stemming from the 6 singularity cores. The thesis analyzes a series of 5 objects i.e. Bluetooth speakers from competing brands. It highlights the link between the semiotic parameters of their design and their use with the singularity core and the success scenarios of these brands (as defined by patrickmathieu Singularity) . This thesis was conducted by Axelle Piednoir on a CIFRE contract with the University of Limoges at patrickmathieu singularité under the supervision of Pr. Jacques Fontanille.

« Design in search for a meaning »

‘Revealed identity’ : an ethnographic approach to singularity

Paper published in "Recherche en Sciences de Gestion - Management Sciences - Ciencias de Gestion" — 25/02/2019

Gautier, E., & Voynnet-Fourboul, C. (2019), ‘Revealed identity’: an ethnographic approach to singularity. Recherche en Sciences de Gestion-Management Sciences-Ciencias de Gestion, 133: 135-159. (rang 3 – Fnege)
Résumé : When an organisation faces big and long-lasting difficulties, organisational identity issues become particularly salient. In such situations, organisations often engage in identity measurement through self-observation. We define ‘revealed identity’ as a process in which an external consultant defines the identity of an organisation with the help of specific tools, which is then transmitted to its members who gain a full understanding of that identity. We explored how an ethnographic method could help to understand the phenomenon of organisational identity revelation and how the revealed identity helps to give people confidence and to refocus them on strategies that are coherent with their identity.

« How an ethnographic method could help to understand the phenomenon of organisational identity revelation »

Management and singularity

The impact of singularity on the transformation of organization — 19/11/2018

In our fast-changing world, leaders face transformations that force them to adapt to meet complex and wide-ranging challenges. There are several types of leadership that call for specific support. Consultants, coaches and mentors use different methods of coaching to develop leadership. The singularity of people, organizations and brands offers prominent perspectives in this connection. It also brings keys helping to operate a genuine structural transformation. The analysis of the objective and measurable effects of singularity on the transformation of organizations and leaders is the subject of this thesis presented in November 2018 by Eric Gautier at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (Largepa) in management sciences, under the supervision of Catherine Voynnet-Fourboul, senior lecturer authorized to direct research.

« The revelation of the identitarian singularity by a consultant »